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16 September 2007 - Version 0.54 PUBLIC released
Some bugs fixed mainly in the base code having to do with windowed mode, some bugs in the browser fixed, and two maps added.

Forum reopened and Open Source
The forum lives again, not here though, but generously hosted by E-Pec! I am aware E-Pec requires invites at this time, but you can post in the PEAss subforums without having an E-Pec login.

As for the Open Source version of PEAss, making some headway there. It'll still be a while, but hey!

28 March 2006 - Version 0.50 PUBLIC released!
Finally, the new public build is here! Next time you start PEAss it will be downloaded and installed automatically. If you don't have it yet, go to the download section :)

23 March 2006 - About the downtime
As many of you have noticed, the past week the site has mostly been down. It's been up for two days now, BUT the last tow days it has gone on and off as well. The 'long' outage had to do with a hardware failure and needed system repairs afterwards. The 'short' outages of the last few days were my own work - since the important websites running on this system were being mirrored on another box, I thought I'd take this oppertunity to upgrade Plesk to 7.5.4, MySQL to 4.1 (stupid Plesk doesn't support 5.0, and yes, believe it or not, I was still running a 3.x version) and PHP to 5.1. All of this has now been done succesfully, after many hours of blood sweat and tears, so the site should be 'permanently' back up now.

21 March 2006 - Version 0.43 BETA released!
Yet another BETA. Contains bugfixes and the first beta release of the browser module!

26 February 2006 - Version 0.42 BETA released!
New BETA version has just gone out to the BETA team. This release fixes various issues and adds some small feautures. There will be ANOTHER BETA before a public release, containing the updates to PEWiki.

22 January 2006 - Version 0.40 PUBLIC released!
Go fetch! :)

19 January 2006 - Version 0.37 BETA released!
New BETA version just went to the BETA team. Featuring a new Timer/Alarm module as well as a PEAuction.Com module. The MyTwoPecs feed has also been revamped. Let's hope there aren't too many bugs, so we'll see the public release of them soon.

9 January 2006 - Version 0.36 released!
New version has been released! BETAs be sure get your version from the BETA section of the forum, NOT from the main download page.

Also, Kaeya was nice enough to provide me with some images. Thanks!

3 January 2006 - Version 0.35 released!
First off, happy new year!

This release adds some minor adjustments (see changelog or download page), but is mainly another attempt at fixing the 'crash on load' bug.

19 December 2005 - Version 0.33 released!
This is mainly a bugfix release, but it does add some small new features. See the changelog for details :)

Sadly, I have not been able to discover why PEAss simply doesn't work for some people (crashes PE on load). I will, however, keep looking!

14 December 2005 - New site live!
Yes I know, it is a crappy site :) It's primary function is making the information more accessible.

If you are missing stuff in the forums, it's probably moved here :)

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